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About Sensitive Teeth

About Sensitive Teeth

Do You Suffer From Painful Teeth Due to Tooth Sensitivity?

Do your teeth twinge when you eat cold foods like ice cream or drink hot tea?  Do you suffer short, sharp pain due to tooth sensitivity? Is your sensitivity a daily problem or perhaps just an occasional annoyance? Chances are you have "dentine hypersensitivity", another name for sensitive teeth. 

Dentine hypersensitivity can occur daily or it might just be an infrequent tooth twinge. This site can help you find answers to your common questions about sensitive teeth. 

Still have questions? Concerned that your sensitivity may indicate a more serious condition? Be sure to schedule an appointment as soon as possible with your own dentist.

53% of adults reported suffering from sensitive teeth, some more frequently than others1*

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* GSK consumer IPSOS research conducted September 2012 which surveyed 754 consumers aged 18+ in the UK.

1. GSK Data on File, IPSOS, 2012.