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Use Sensodyne to beat sensitivity pain fast —
Clinically Proven Relief in Just 60 Seconds*
*With dab on application

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Why do I get sensitive teeth?

Tooth sensitivity occurs when dentine, the softer inner section of your teeth becomes exposed, revealing tiny holes that lead directly to the nerve.

There are two common ways for dentine to become exposed: gum recession, usually from gum disease or brushing too hard, and enamel wear, when the tooth is exposed to acidic diets and over-brushing.

Food and drink that's cold, hot, sweet or sour, triggers the nerve inside the tooth, causing a short sharp shock of pain.

How does Sensodyne work?

Sensodyne works in two ways. For example, Sensodyne Daily Care Gentle Whitening works inside the tooth to soothe painful sensitivity. With twice daily brushing, Sensodyne helps to prevent sensitivity coming back.

Rapid Relief, Repair & Protect and Complete Protection create a protective layer over exposed sensitive areas, to shield you from pain.

Sensodyne toothpaste for sensitive teeth

The Sensodyne range doesn't just treat teeth sensitivity and protect against cavities:¹


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